Talks and Interviews

EconTalk with Russ Roberts, September 11, 2017

Between the Lines with Barry Kibrick, Episode April 29, 2017

Keynote, FutureLaw 2017, Stanford CodeX, April 6, 2017 (Slides)

Harvard Business School, Digital Initiative, Interview, Nov 2, 2016

Harvard Business School, Digital  Seminar SeriesCan Markets Help Build Better Rules for the Digital EconomyNov 2, 2016 (full talk, audio)

American Bar Foundation: Rules for a Flat World Chapter 5: Building a Stable Platform for Complexity Oct 26, 2016 (full talk, video)


The playbook for companies stepping into world of politics, The Hill, September 13

To control AI, we need to understand more about humans, TechCrunch, September 13

Disasters like Harvey and Irma show how lawyers’ stodgy rules kick Americans when they’re down, LA Times, September 11

We the people: Why legal systems should be built from the bottom up, Reuters, July 18, 2017

World Economic Forum: The Fourth Industrial Revolution is here. What laws do we need to make sure we all benefit from it? Nov. 11, 2016

Lawyers, make room for nonlawyers.”, Nov 23, 2012.

“Law Without (As Many) Lawyers” (podcast interview)., August 12, 2011.

Legal Services Wanted: Lawyers Need Not Apply.”, June 28, 2011

Making legal aid more accessible and affordable” Washington Post Friday, March 12, 2010

Training Lawyers: Theory vs. Practice” New York Times, lettersNOV. 21, 2011