Gillian Hadfield’s research focuses on legal design: the way rule systems develop and function in society, how they can be improved and how to ensure they meet the needs of the people for whom they are designed. Of particular concern is how new legal infrastructures can be built to address new and future challenges associated with artificial intelligence (AI), robots and machine learning. A new, more open legal infrastructure is urgently needed that reflects the needs of a “flat world” global economy while also improving access to justice for those who cannot currently access it.

Despite this, the legal system has not changed significantly since the early 20th century and is becoming ever more ill-suited to meet today’s needs. The rule of law as we know it has characteristically been implemented from the top down by governments. Courts, legislatures, and lawyers often have a virtual monopoly on rule-making. This has impacted access to justice:

  • 70% of senior executives cited the growing complexity of regulation as their biggest challenge;
  • 60% of small businesses and 80-90% of ordinary individuals get no legal help managing legal problems;
  • US Supreme Court judgments have increased in average length from 2,000 words in the 1950s to more than 8,000 words;
  • The cost of pre-trial document review, or discovery, can be as much as four times more than the money at stake in the litigation.

Hadfield’s academic research covers topics including the theory of law, legal markets, legal innovation, access to justice, and the role of contracts in economic relationships.

Further information about organizations and innovations that are building new ways to make rules and regulations, deliver justice, and govern, is available here:

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